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As the Management Team, we can indicate clearly that safety is the first priority in all our activities.

We are committed to implementing, developing and improving strategies, management systems and processes to ensure that all our activities uphold the highest level of safety performance and meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Northern Shield Helicopters as an Organization is committed to:

  • The establishment of a safe place of work, to safe working methods, and to the provision of safe hangars, machinery, and equipment. Each and every person will observe the rules of conduct and safety, and take care of safety equipment provided and ensure its proper use;
  • Developing and embedding a safety culture in all of our activities that recognizes the importance and value of an effective safety management system and acknowledges at all times that safety is paramount;
  • Clearly defining for all staff their accountabilities and responsibilities for the development and delivery of safety performance;
  • Minimizing the risks associated with operations to a level that is acceptable after the risk has been evaluated through the use of our assessment standards for pre and post mitigation risk level (Risk Matrix);
  • Utilizing our quality assurance system to actively develop and improve our safety processes;
  • Ensuring that employees receive adequate and ongoing training to perform their jobs safely. The direct responsibility for the safe performance of an operation will rest with the supervisor and each employee. The safe execution of work requires a responsible attitude, job knowledge, skill, good leadership, and an organized approach to plan and integrate safety into the work sequence;
  • Promoting the Lessons Learned Program (LLP) and identifying better ways of operating and supporting the continuous safety and improvement of the company. The Lessons Learned Program will allow Northern Shield Helicopters to achieve new and greater levels of safety, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Establishing and measuring our safety performance against realistic objectives; and
    Continually improving our safety performance by conducting safety management reviews which will ensure relevant action is taken on a timely basis.

Northern Shield Helicopter’s Safety Management System is based on a non-punitive reporting policy. Breaches of regulatory requirements, company Standard Operating Procedures, company practices or company policies in a knowing and willing manner may lead to disciplinary action. Further details may be found in the Safety Management Program Manual.