If you require an immediate charter, call toll free / 1-877-989-2677 / 24 hours a day


Among the services we provide with our helicopter fleet are:

  • Forest fire suppression
  • Geo-technical and drill rig support
  • Seismic surveying
  • Urban construction
  • Power line and pipeline patrol
  • Passenger transport
  • Crew changes in remote locations
  • Sightseeing rides
  • Aerial photography and cinematography
  • General cargo slinging


“Hello. I would like to take a moment and say thank you for the excellent service we recently received while using TransWest helicopter services in Stony Rapids last week. I work as a sub-contractor to Missinipi Water Solutions performing water measurements for SaskPower. The pilot (Adam) was very helpful in supporting our hydrology work, including giving as confidence in several aspects of travel/flight safety. I would like to specifically mention his use of “apps” on an I pad to explain weight balance and the need for planning when packing/moving our (significant) amounts of gear. In 25 years of field work I have never been more comfortable with a field project and helicopter use than I did on this trip. My employee working with us had never flown helicopter before, and was very happy to see the extent to which planning can assist with deliver of a great and safe project.”